No Friends is a collaborative, community minded, project. It's every growing and changing, and needs people like you to help make it as good as it can possibly be. We accept, and will consider, all submissions and contributions to the zine.

SUBMITTING CONTENT: If you want to write a column, an article, send us an interview, photos, art, comics, whatever, please do! We promise you that we will look over every submission we get. We can't promise you that just because you send us something that it will appear in the zine, but we do promise you that we will definitely consider it for publication. If you have any questions about what we're specifically looking for – either content wise, or technical specs wise – please feel free to email us at

SUBMITTING MUSIC/ZINES/FILMS FOR REVIEW: We want your stuff! Everyone hear at the zine is always excited to hear new music, read new zines, watch new films/videos. We want to know what you're doing, and we would love to have the chance to help promote and share that via reviews.

No Friends is a DIY-centric magazine covering all kind of independent arts. We want to cover all kinds of music. We believe is the big tent idea of punk, and we want any kind of music you make. Hardcore, noise, folky stuff, singer songwriter, indie-pop, electronic, new music – as long as it's in the independent spirit of DIY and punk, we'd definitely like to hear it. What does that actually mean? Well, we're also trying to figure that out ourselves, to be honest. What we definitely know is that we will not review any material that is on a major label. We will, however, consider material distributed by major companies – the difference between using Sony to distribute your magazine and Youtube is pretty much nil, so why nitpick that? If you have any questions about whether or not your music would be reviewable, just shoot us an email. We'll happily answer any questions.

We will also not review any racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic material. We won't even bother to shit on it – cause bad press is still press and fuck that shit.

There are two ways to send us stuff for review: physically or digitally.
You can stuff some music in a box and send it to:

No Friends Magazine
PO Box 12343
Chicago, IL

Or you can email us some files. Yep. It's that easy too. We love records and tapes and zines and physical ephemera (hey, we are making a (Maga)zine ourselves, over here), but at the same time we understand that it's the 21st century. We would love if you sent us a record, but we also understand that postage is only getting more expensive, along with record pressing costs/printing costs, and what we ultimately care about is the music/art – not the physical product. We don't want to demand that you send us one of your 300 pressing records, and pay for postage, just to may get a bad review. Cause hey, bad reviews happen. We'd rather offer the ability to have things be as cheap possible for everyone involved. Physical and digital submissions will be given the same importance, so while we would think it's really rad of you to send a 7” or LP (which we would pass on to our volunteer reviews as a thank you “payment” of sorts), it's not gonna necessarily get you a better review.

The only stipulation for reviewing digital material is that it must be downloadable. Whether it is an exclusive download, or via a bandcamp (or similar site), the music must be available for someone to take away. We will not review streaming-only music. We will also gladly review a download of an upcoming physical-only release – again, we just want to save you some money.

If you want to submit something for review digitally, email a high quality audio file (artwork preferred, but not necessary) to: